Conversations & Insights May 1, 2014

Highlights From L2’s Mobile & Tablet Study (Video)



L2 released an animated video this week along with the Intelligence Report: Mobile & Tablet. A few highlights:

– Mobile Moment: the point in time when a site’s mobile traffic surpasses desktop.

– Most brands have not yet reached a Mobile Moment. Mobile and tablet browsing accounts for 31% of all site traffic. For retailers, mobile and tablet accounts for 11% of sales.

– However, U.S. internet users log more time on mobile devices than the PC. They spend 43% of their time on PCs versus 44% on smartphones.

– Smartphone users spend on average 15 hours a week researching products online, and are 5x more likely to convert in-store than on mobile. Therefore, the mobile opportunity lies in facilitating the consumers journey to the store rather than facilitating the mobile purchase.

– Brands are not taking advantage of that opportunity. Just 19% of brand surveyed link from mobile ads to store locators. 8% offer click to call, and 2% embed directions to the store.

– Tablets have 3x the conversion rate of smartphones, and TV viewers with a tablet in hand are 1.5x more likely to buy a product advertised on TV, compared to those holding a smartphone.

– Yet, brands have been slow to optimize for tablet. 90% of brand tablet sites lack swipeable image galleries and 14% have technical quirks.

For more on the mobile investments of 156 brands, download an excerpt of the Intelligence Report: Mobile & Tablet.

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