Conversations & Insights October 8, 2014

Highlights from the L2 Personal Care Study (Video)



L2 released a short, animated video with its 2014 Digital IQ Index:Personal Care | US. Here are a few highlights:

– E-commerce in the $503-billion personal care industry is ready for takeoff. As of now, online sales account for just 1% of sales in the category, but that is expected to increase to 5% by 2018.

– Amazon is laying the groundwork for its CPG ambitions with Amazon Prime and Pantry and Walmart is following. Surprisingly, Walmart exhibited higher sales growth than Amazon. Its 2013 fiscal year sales grew by 30% whereas Amazon’s grew by 20%.

– P&G has been particularly aggressive in its relationship with Amazon. It has 1042 products eligible for Subscribe & Save compared to Unilever’s 782. 95% of brands in the study of brands have at least one product available for Subscribe & Save.

– Mobile sales are modest, but mobile influences one in five e-commerce purchases.

– Gillette topped the Index with a site relaunch and strong search visibility on Google and e-tailer sites. Huggies improved its ranking from Gifted to Genius with an innovative user-generated campaign offering coupons for baby picture submissions. For more on how 82 personal brands are faring in the US market, download a report excerpt.

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