Research August 5, 2014

In the Company of Genius: Kering Group


In this new video, L2 Head of Research Maureen Mullen speaks about the rise of the luxury enterprise over the past decade. Multibrand enterprises such as LVMH, Kering Group, and Richemont have been able to add value through scaled investments in real estate, media and shared infrastructure. But the enterprise effect has not been as evident in digital. Kering Group has bucked the trend with an average Digital IQ of 113 across its portfolio. When mapping the Digital IQ of Kering brands across sub-dimensions to the Digital IQ of LVMH, they match almost one to one in mobile, social media, and digital marketing prowess. When it comes to site technology, fulfillment and e-commerce measures, however, Kering has a notable advantage. It was able to unlock economies of scale in the latter areas through an early partnership with Yoox, where it placed the inventory of its smaller brands. The partnership enabled Kering to advance more strategically and at a faster pace towards its e-commerce aspirations.

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