Research September 8, 2014

In the Company of Genius: Nivea



In this video, L2 Research Associate Giulia Prati talks about the Genius of Nivea, who took the top spot in the Digital IQ Index: Personal Care France. Prati identified three reasons behind Nivea’s high score: 1) a personalized email strategy 2) broad, cross-platform offerings 3) strong retailer handoff.

Fifty-eight percent of French consumers prefer receiving marketing information by email. But French brands haven’t adapted their strategy, posting on Facebook more frequently than they send emails. As part of its email strategy, Nivea sends birthday emails with virtual candles recipients can blow out using the PC screen and microphone.

Ninety-three percent of French consumers have used a coupon, and 56% search for them before buying a product. However, just a third of brands in L2’s Personal Care Index offer coupons. Nivea is one of the exceptions, offering printable and gated coupons on Facebook, display ads, mobile apps, and email.

Nivea also has a smooth handoff to retailers, particularly where its sunscreen and deodorant products are one of the most visible in search.

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