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Facebook, Inc.’s April 2012 billion-dollar acquisition of Instagram is now valued at thirty-five billion.

An estimated 3 million U.S. teens abandoned Facebook between 2011 and 2014, however the same cohort cite Instagram as “their most important” social network.

Facebook, Inc. is offering ad packages across both platforms that couple Instagram’s top-of-the-funnel aspirational branding with the parent platform’s targeting and scale.

Enamored by 100 percent organic reach, brands have dialed up efforts on the platform to enjoy a window that will likely close.

Brands still suffering from the paywall Facebook inserted between them and their communiities are allocating resources to testing and optimizing organic content, versus acquiring followers.

Some findings:

One-third of brands posting over twenty times per week maintain above-average engagement, dispelling the notion that size is negatively correlated with engagement.

Brands find that product imagery – especially product stories in the context of lifestyle – deliver higher engagement than other posts.

Brands with celebrity relationships can leverage their partners’ rabid communities, while vetting new brand ambassadors through the lens of Instagram prowess.

And Instagram-savvy brands are letting consumers thread the needle between aspirational and authentic imagery.

The second annual L2 Intelligence Report: Instagram evaluates the approach and performance of 250 brands across nine sectors. Our aim is to provide data, best practices, and case studies to help brands achieve greater return on investment.

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