Winners & Losers June 9, 2016

The Internet is a Gift From God



Winner: Alphabet. The company owns 12% of all global media spend, more than any other company. Not content at being No. 1, Alphabet announced it is increasing the size and frequency of its ads.

Winner: Tide. E-commerce is not lifting all boats. Larger brands are benefiting disproportionately from the Internet, and Tide accounts for close to half of online sales. A portion of that success is related to Tide being the number one seller on Amazon Dash.

Winner: The Pope, who is getting more than 100,000 likes per photo on Instagram. Pope Francis also met with YouTube vloggers and concluded that they “lay virtual paths of optimism and hope.”

Loser: Gawker. The media brand has experienced a 16% declined in year-on-year traffic and is fighting attacks from Peter Thiel. Nick Denton recently went on a press tour to talk about how billionaires have outsized control of the media. Scott Galloway explains his view.

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