Conversations & Insights November 20, 2013

L2 Forum: Photographer Platon’s ‘Powerful Portraits’



Putin. Obama. Clinton. Bush. Gaddafi. Suu Kyi. These are just a handful of the world leaders whose portraits photographer Platon has taken over the years. A speaker at our annual Forum earlier this month, the British-born Platon took to the stage to share the inside stories on how he captured his famous images--some of them involving Secret Police chases, anxious (and ignored) security details, and fanboy moments about The Beatles. Equal parts historical, awe-inspiring, and hilarious, Platon's talk is a perfect example of the kind of unique experience our Forum is known for. In the video above, enjoy Platon's entire presentation. And be sure to stick around until the end for the Anthony Hopkins story in the Q&A. It's worth it.

For more on Platon, click here.

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