Research November 1, 2016

L2 Indie Index: DevaCurl



Welcome to L2’s Indie Index, a new monthly video series featuring best practices and learnings from up and coming brands in the Beauty & Hair Care category, all of which are independently owned.

Our inaugural spotlight today is on DevaCurl, a brand that focuses on care & styling products designed specifically for curly hair.

DevaCurl was actually one of this year’s biggest winners in the 2016 Digital IQ Index for Hair Care & Color, and impressively moved from the Challenged to the mid-Gifted category.

The brand’s performance accelerated practically across the board year-on-year, but we detected particular momentum on e-tailers and social media platforms.

As you can see here, their 6efforts are strongest on some of the high growth specialty beauty destinations, like and, as well as on earned media platforms in social, like Snapchat and Instagram.

The brand boasts consistently strong visibility on Sephora and Ulta, especially for styling terms where the brand consistently ranks in the top ten for search real estate.

And the brand has benefited and gained additional visibility from retailers’ investments in content that’s catering specifically to curly-haired shoppers.

Now on the social side, DevaCurl’s performance over-indexes on Instagram and Snapchat, where the brand has harnessed the power of UGC to fuel an always-on content strategy. And their strengths are curation and syndication.

In addition to actively soliciting user generated content submissions, DevaCurl actually goes as far as to provide consumers with clear content guidelines, which includes recommendations for lighting and framing photos, which hardly any other brands are doing.

And the result is a highly curated and on-equity stream of user-generated content that the brand can then push to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, as well as their own brand site, where the photos are featured on the relevant product pages, tagged with specific products mentioned in order to provide users with a clear path to purchase.

So: what can your brand learn from DevaCurl?

Number one is thinking strategically about your E-tailer partners’ priorities. Ensure your content strategy and your product strategy is mapping to your retailer partners’ categories of focus.

Number two? Great user generated content doesn’t just happen. Brands need to take an active approach to content solicitation, and provide a clear incentive and guidelines for user submissions.

Number three? When it comes to user generated content, brands need to use it or lose it—leverage UGC across consumer touchpoints, and optimize the content to be both accessible and shoppable.

Thanks for watching! We’ll see you next month, where we’ll be talking about the explosive UK import Charlotte Tilbury. For questions, or to nominate a brand for a future indie index, you can reach out to us at

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