Conversations & Insights July 14, 2014

L2 Predictions: Digital IQ Index Winners and Losers



In this new video, L2 Founder Scott Galloway predicts how companies will perform in the stock market based on their Digital IQ. He expects Procter & Gamble, Kate Spade, Kering Group and Tory Burch to outperform their peers, and Hermès and Prada to underperform.


Why? Across every dimension of Digital IQ, the Kering Group is outperforming LVMH. Procter & Gamble brands have on average a higher Digital IQ than competing consumer packaged goods brands, and P&G allocates 25% to 35% of its U.S. ad budget to digital. Smaller brands such as Kate Spade and Tory Burch are punching above their weight class. For example, 20% of Kate Spade sales take place online. On the flip side, Prada and Hermès are hoping the internet will go away.

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