Conversations & Insights March 13, 2015

L2’s Instagram Research Briefing



At L2’s Instagram Research Briefing at the Hearst Tower in New York, L2 co-founder and head of research Maureen Mullen, Scott Galloway, and research lead Claude De Jocas shared insights about the “world’s hottest social platform”. Here are a few:

- Instagram is Facebook Inc’s moisturizer. Teens are leaving the platform in droves to spend more time on Instagram. Twenty-eight percent of all social media interactions happen on Facebook, up from 16% in 2013.

- Instagram isn’t just a platform for luxury and fashion brands. Stella Artois, Nokia, Pabst Blue Ribon and GoPro have all been able to generate high engagement rates among their fans.

- Product posts resonate with brands more than any other type of content. Sixty-five percent of the top 200 brand posts feature a product.

- Brands are excited about carousel ads because of the potential to tell a story with several photo.

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