Winners & Losers March 17, 2016

Pizza: A Barometer for Digital Disruption



A winner: Domino’s, which makes your local pizzeria a loser. Over the past decade, as companies like Domino’s incorporated technology into their business models, independent pizzerias lost 21% market share.

Another winner: Under Armour. The brand’s latest campaign divides spending evenly between TV and digital, a major departure from the previous 70-30 split and a recognition that consumers now spend most of their time on smartphones.

A loser: Meerkat, or maybe Meerkan’t. The app was big news at SXSW this time last year but is now ranked 445th among social apps, while rival Periscope is consistently in the top 10.

Another loser: Uber and their new logo. This is literally amateur hour in the world of branding.

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