The Digital IQ Index: Spirits study benchmarks the digital competence of 68 Spirits brands on more than 675 data points across four dimensions: Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile.

- In the past 15 years, the resurgence of a cocktail culture reshaped the alcoholic beverage industry.

– Advertising budgets have shifted to late night television, where brands benefit from relaxed regulations. Digital plays a supporting role. Only 13% of brands ended their television ads with a hashtag and only 31% linked to a brand site.

– A limited number of brands direct consumers to a point of purchase online. Just 33% of U.S. brands provide direct e-commerce and only 12% link to online retailers.

– On Twitter, brands have on average 1% the following on Facebook, but certain brand ambassadors (Nas, Dita Von Teese) can dramatically increase that.

– TV has driven views to YouTube, with the top ten brand channels growing 52% in 2013.

– In L2’s second annual Index for the Spirits industry, eight brands maintained their status in the top ten. The Macallan joined the group after relaunching a simplified tablet site.

– Malibu and Bacardi’s marketing efforts were featured as Flashes of Genius in the report. Malibu combined targeted Spotify ads with a Facebook campaign asking fans to enter their city in a competition for Maroon 5’s next performance stop. Bacardi has aggressive online marketing campaign that also promotes offline events.

Top 10 Ranking out of 68 brands
1. Bacardi - Genius
2. Jack Daniel's - Gifted
3. Absolut Vodka - Gifted
4. Hennessy - Gifted
4. Johnnie Walker - Gifted
6. Jim Beam - Gifted
7. The Macallan - Gifted
8. Sailor Jerry - Gifted
9. Smirnoff - Gifted
10. Malibu - Gifted
10. Grey Goose - Gifted

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