Conversations & Insights November 13, 2013

Talking Prestige Retail with Jamie Nordstrom



According to Nordstrom Direct President Jamie Nordstrom, "To be customer-centric today means investing in technology." The great grandson of the founder of the Seattle-based department store practices what he preaches as the manager of almost 2,000 employees and director of all the store's online efforts in the U.S., which are expected to do approximately $1.5B in sales this year. In this extended sit-down interview with L2 Founder Scott Galloway at last week's 2013 Forum, Jamie discusses the critical role of digital in one of the most precarious retail sectors right now--emphasizing how, for Nordstrom, the technology is there less for flashy campaigns than to facilitate faster, more efficient customer service. Citing recent highs and lows of Nordstrom's digital strategy, Jamie discusses everything from why his team decided to "take a break" from monitoring social media ROI to competing with Amazon to why he'll never buy glasses anywhere other than Warby Parker again. Enjoy.

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