Winners & Losers July 30, 2015

The Secret to Social Media Success: Attractive Pirates, Planets



Does anyone think of Amazon as one of the biggest media companies in the world? Well, it is. In 2014, Amazon’s media unit generated more revenue than Pandora and LinkedIn, selling about $1 billion worth of ads. The company’s stock price is also skyrocketing. Earlier this year, we predicted that Amazon would decline in value and influence. We could not have been more wrong.

Captain Morgan is a winner this week for picking Chrissy Teigen to be its peg-legged pirate spokeswoman. With 2.8 million Instagram followers, Teigen has 209 times the brand’s following.

The losers here: brands that pay big sums of money for celebrities that don’t have social accounts. Jim Beam, what were you thinking?

Japan is now the number-one travel destination for wealthy Chinese travelers, making luxury brands another winner. Hermes sales in Japan surged 27% in Q2 as more Chinese picked Tokyo over Hong Kong, where demand for pricy bags and watches is slumping. Burberry, which gets 10% of total revenue from Hong Kong, saw a double-digit decline in same-store sales.

When NASA previewed the first image of Pluto on Instagram, it got more than 100,000 likes in a matter of minutes. NASA’s Twitter following is 4.75 times more than that of the entire lead cast of Interstellar, including Matthew McConaughey. Maybe it takes a rocket scientist to figure out social media…

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