Winners & Losers April 16, 2015

The Ultimate Digital Head Fake



The Apple Watch is this week’s winner, selling out in less than six hours. Although nobody believes the watch was really out of stock, the brand is becoming especially adept at maintaining the illusion of scarcity. Already, the brand is beating Android, selling more in 24 hours than Android has in an entire year. Does that mean wearables are still alive? No. The Apple Watch is an wrist-size iPhone, meaning no other digital wristband has a chance.

Another winner in the wearables game: Nike. They realized they didn’t have the technology, and had the courage to exit while ahead.

Loser: Tidal. A more expensive Spotify built on the premise that listeners should pay more to support already-rich musicians. As Bob Lefsetz put it, "title is a non-starter, it doesn't put the customer first."

Under Armour wins, but at the declining sport of golf. The brand – which has had no presence in golf world three years ago – signed Jordan Speith that expires in 2025. However, golf has been a sport in decline as its main consumer base is old white people.

Fast & Furious, is it about the rage or speed? Data shows that violence in movies increases gross box office sales. Stay tuned for L2’s production of Scott Galloway’s life with the working title “Bored & Useless.”

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