Winners & Losers April 30, 2015

The Vanity Economy Explosion



Amazon was a winner this week, due to a 15% increase in its stock price. While the usual cocktail of high growth with low earnings persisted, Amazon’s cloud storage impressed with over a billion in earnings this year. L2’s Intelligence Report on E-Commerce Agility shows that cloud solutions offer better flexibility in international markets, and therefore make scaling easier.

Cash wins this week. Who knew 40% of all transactions in the U.S. done in cash? Checks lose, as Google searches for “how to write a check” multiplied by 7x in the past ten years.

Another winner: radical views. As technology speeds up the pace at which we are exposed to new information, people are changing their views on social issues faster. For example, it took America two years to change its view on gay marriage but twenty years to accept interracial marriage.

Other winners: sweatpants and the vanity economy (beauty and luxury).

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