Winners & Losers June 1, 2017

This Technology Kills Brands



Winner: Voice technology, which is accelerating the decline of brand.

Loser (again): Brands as Amazon and Walmart compete to lower prices.

Loser: TV networks, which are getting desperate as views keep declining.

(0:26) “The Rise of Voice Platforms - Comparing Voice Related API’s,” Christian Rebernik, February 2017.
(1:01) L2 Analysis of Keyword Tool IO Data.
(2:13) and Alexa.
(3:54) “‘Roseanne’ Revival in the Works,” The Hollywood Reporter, April 2017.
(4:00) Nielsen.
(4:09) “NBC Wins 2016-17 Season In Ratings Demo; CBS Takes Total Viewers,” Deadline Hollywood, May 2017.

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