Conversations & Insights June 27, 2014

Tmall for Prestige Brands



Is Tmall appropriate for prestige brands? L2 Head of Research Maureen Mullen explores that question in this new video. Tmall has gotten a lot of press lately, and rightfully so. and conduct more transactions than Amazon and eBay combined. Furthermore, Burberry’s opening of a Tmall store was a big win for the site. Burberry opened the Tmall store for the same reasons it opened the Amazon store, to clean up the gray market.


Mullen said Burberry’s move was notable because fashion brands have yet to embrace Tmall. Lacoste is the only fashion brand with a presence on Tmall. Beauty brands, however, have been more open to Tmall than Amazon. Estée Lauder, Clinique, and Clarins have opened stores on the platform, and APAC prestige beauty brands (originating in Korea and China) have been selling on Tmall for years, but have not opened direct to consumer stores.

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