Conversations & Insights September 13, 2016

What is an L2 Deep Dive?


The L2 Deep Dive is a critical component of an L2 Brand membership.

It is a comprehensive digital audit into your brand’s performance in the Digital IQ and uncovers brand-specific strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve the impact of digital on your business.

The Deep Dive answers three questions:

  1. 1. How does your digital performance benchmark relative to industry peers and other competitors?
  2. 2. What near and long-term investments should you make to improve your digital performance and ensure your efforts will deliver impact to your business?
  3. 3. And finally, How is your performance progressing over time so that teams and vendors are held accountable?

Deep dives are confidential, 2-3 hour sessions delivered by L2 strategists to leadership teams quarterly, bi-annually or annually. They provide actionable recommendations backed by quantitative analysis and industry insight.

While our published research focuses on insight into your sector’s performance and trends, the deep dive provides a detailed customized analysis of your brand’s performance and identifies specific opportunities for improvement.

It is based on an analysis of over 1,250 data points and is organized across the four dimensions of the Digital IQ:

  • Site and e-commerce; looking at every touchpoint of the customer journey toward online and offline purchase covering everything from brand site load-time, search and navigation efficiency, to product merchandising and, where relevant e-tailer hand off and, performance on 3rd party sites.
  • Digital Marketing; measuring your brand’s online visibility with a deep analysis of email campaigns, paid and organic search effectiveness and display ad strategies.
  • Social Media; looking at your brand’s presence and engagement relative to peers on established and emerging social platforms.
  • And finally, we examine how you are leveraging mobile technologies to optimize consumer engagement and improve conversions online and offline.

Across all four dimensions we offer Best in Class examples and share insights into industry trends and changes in technologies and consumer behaviors that are likely to impact your future success.

The takeaway from a Deep Dive is a detailed scorecard of your performance with deep insight into what determined your Digital IQ ranking and what is driving, or holding back, your online success.

We deliver prioritized, tactical and strategic recommendations that map to your business objectives and show you how to maximize the business impact of your digital investments.

Deep dives are exclusively available to L2 members.

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