January 22, 2014

What to Expect at the L2 Amazon Clinic



Eight e-commerce and technology experts are scheduled to speak tomorrow at L2’s Amazon Clinic. Amazon has expressed a desire to make strides in luxury retail, triggering a mixed reaction from brands. A few such as Michael Kors and Nars have made storefronts on Amazon, while others such as Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton have said publicly they do not want their products being sold on the site.

On the other end of the spectrum, Amazon has started to compete with Walmart and add grocery delivery in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In addition to being the largest e-tailer globally with $61 billion in sales in 2012, it has a wealth of purchase information about consumers. 30% of internet users begin their search for a product on Amazon, versus 13% on Google. The Clinic will focus on Amazon’s next step.

A few facts also featured in our animated video:

• Amazon warehouses are the size of 700 Madison gardens

• Amazon serves 19.5 million customers daily

• CDs sold by Amazon sellers could produce a concert lasting 340 years

• Amazon has 19.5 million customers daily

• Amazon lost $5.7 million in sales when its site was down for 49 minutes in 2012

Read more about the speakers here and follow our Twitter for live tweets during the event.

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