Conversations & Insights February 5, 2015

Why Beauty Brands Need Kendalls



L2 examines why celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian's sister, command their high sponsorship fee. Rates – rumored to reach $1 million for Jenner - are especially puzzling since celebrity photos and videos don’t perform so well when posted by brands on Instagram. L2 research shows just 1% of the top 100 most engaged-with (liked or commented on) posts from Beauty brands were photos or videos of celebrities. Meanwhile, 55% of the top-performing posts were pure product posts.

A celebrity’s worth becomes apparent when she posts on her personal Instagram profile. For example, Estée Lauder posted a video of reality tv star and model Kendall Jenner that garnered 7,000+ likes. Meanwhile, the same video received 429,000 likes when Kendall Jenner posted it on her profile.

When shooting the video, we predicted that L’Oréal Paris could increase likes for a video of spokesperson Barbara Palvin by up to 50x with a repost on the model’s timeline. Since then Palvin has reposted the video on her Instagram profile and gathered 112,000 likes, a significant expansion in reach from 4,539 likes for the same video on the L'Oréal Paris Instagram profile.

Digital IQ Index: U.K. Beauty

Digital IQ Index: Beauty

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