Winners & Losers November 5, 2014

Winners & Losers: Apple Pay, Tim Cook, Starbucks



In the second episode of the weekly “Winners & Loser in a Digital Age” series, L2 Founder Scott Galloway calls out winners Apple Pay, Tim Cook, and Starbucks. Galloway said we do still live in an era where it is important for CEOs to announce their sexuality. People can be fired for their orientation in 29 US states, and Tim Cook’s announcement brings the number of openly gay CEOs in Fortune 500 companies up to one.

Losers are Current C, Google+, which is being “harvested for its organs”, according L2’s second annual Social Platforms report released today. Another loser is the “awkward prom date” pairing of Zappos and André Leon Talley. See full video for more.

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