Winners & Losers November 20, 2014

Winners & Losers in a Digital Age: Whole Foods, Kendall Jenner, McDonald’s


In this episode of Winners & Losers in a Digital Age, Scott Galloway deems Whole Foods and AOL winners and McDonald’s, Russia and Estée Lauder losers.

Whole Foods wins because its tech investments are paying off. Instacart Whole Foods baskets are 2.5x the baskets of its brick-and-mortar customers, and more than 150,000 transactions have been recorded on Apple Pay at the grocery store. McDonald’s sales fell by 3% as Chipotle sales grew by 20% this quarter. Russia’s market cap fell below Apple, leaving a silver lining of cheaper luxury goods for its residents. And while Estée Lauder has not lost yet, Galloway believes appointing Kendall Jenner as its new face is a misstep.

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