Winners & Losers December 23, 2014

Winners & Losers: Nike, L’Oréal Paris, Sony, Tesla



In the last episode of 2014, Scott Galloway names the winners (Nike, L’Oréal Paris and North Korea) and losers (Sony and Tesla).

Tesla motor company has garnered an unbelievable valuation, almost 9 times sales versus General Motors and Ford who have less than a 1x sales valuation. Known primarily for innovation, Tesla's digital footprint doesn't live up to this reputation. The brand has a strikingly weak mobile site. One in ten consumers pull up auto information on their smartphone when in a car dealership. Who does this well? Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. Look for Tesla stock to slide down; the company is overvalued.

A big winner this week? Nike, with revenues up 15% YoY at 7.5 billion dollars and profits up a staggering 23% for 2014. Nike also had the two most-viewed ads on Youtube.
L'Oreal Paris, who topped the Digital IQ Index: Beauty 2014, is also a winner. The brand secures 3 times the traffic from display advertising; their makeup genius app, probably the best in the industry with 4.5 stars vs. the index average of 2.3, was downloaded more than 1.7 million times across the U.S. and France. Look for mass market brands to begin to grow their channels, grow their marketing and start to work with their 3rd party retailers in 2015 and beyond.

The biggest winner last week was North Korea who is now muscling around the U.S. and the iconic Sony brand.

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