Winners & Losers January 7, 2015

Winners & Losers: Xiaomi, American Apparel, Malls



– An article came out on the death of malls in the New York Times but there is a nuance here; of the 1,000 US malls, the 400 catering to high-end consumers are doing just fine. As evidence, Simon Property Group and General Growth Properties shares are skyrocketing. If a mall has Nordstrom – Genius and No. 1 in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Department Stores – it is likely prospering.

– American Apparel – ranked 35th in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail – predicted to be the first fatality of retail in 2015.

– Apple won holiday season again (snooze) but Xiaomi emerged as another winner with $12 billion of revenue and 60 million phones sold in 2014, triple the number sold in 2013. Xiaomi’s explosive growth does not bode well for Samsung.

– How are we certain Google benefits our society? Searches for Chinese food peak on Christmas Day each year.

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